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Professional, Efficient, Cost Saving and Revenue Generating Physician Billing Services

We provide exceptional, efficient, current and professional consulting and physician billing services at a fair price and without any hidden or upfront costs. 360 Medical Billing Solutions specialized strategies for emergency room physician groups, urgent care, and free-standing ERs greatly enhance cash flow, revenue and profits for the clients they serve.

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360 Medical Billing Solutions are specialists in meeting the special needs of independent and hospital emergency medicine groups, urgent care centers, and free standing emergency rooms. Our customized solutions can help you to achieve a consistent “flow” in operations – even helping with managed care contract negotiation, medical record management, eligibility verification, staffing needs and detailed management reports. We integrate streamlined processes, electronic processing, healthcare clearinghouse and medical billing software solutions. These physician billing services are designed to automate the billing process and reduce stressful aspects of physician practice management. This gives you the freedom to concentrate on doing what you do best!



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Count on 360 Medical Billing Solutions in These Specialty Areas:

Emergency Physician Groups

Operating Room Surgeons

Our knowledge of emergency medicine practice needs incorporate methods that produce rapid and maximum collections. Automated methods including EMR Clearinghouse integration and patient billing software account for accuracy in medical record generation, eligibility verification, determining staffing needs and producing detailed reports that assist in practice management.

Urgent Care Groups

Pediatric Patient Exam by Physician

Our Urgent Care medical billing strategies greatly enhance collections through improvements to practice operations, billing, coding, efficiency and cash flow. We assist in negotiating favorable managed care contracts, integrate methods to account for all medical records generated, verify eligibility, define staffing needs and provide detailed reports that assist in practice management.

Free Standing ERs


Through innovative physician billing services, we rapidly transform freestanding emergency rooms into efficient and automated profit centers. We analyze your needs, practices, staffing and challenges to define strategies that will help you to grow your revenue, maximize cash flow and eliminate stress through improved and streamlined office operations.

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When it comes to physician billing services for emergency rooms, freestanding ERs and urgent care, our solutions are unmatched for cash flow, efficiency and profitability. Ask us how we can increase your cash flow and revenues, save you money and greatly improve your practice operations – all without hidden and out-of-pocket costs.