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Medical billing specialist frequently asked questions by physician billing services groups about billing, coding, collections, medical billing software consulting, terms and payment.

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Who is 360 Medical Billing Solutions?

We are a medical billing specialist company in business since 2000. We provide medical solutions throughout the nation to improve their cash flow, submit accurate claims for prompt insurance reimbursements, lower overhead costs and reduce stress related to medical billing and coding operations. We stay up-to-date on current billing regulations, practices and trends for office automation and streamlining the billing process. Our two co-owners and Vice Presidents are David Windham and Rob Ross – well educated, credentialed and experienced medical billing specialist who have produced record growth for the company because of high standards and loyal customers who have substantially benefited from the physician billing services they have received.

What medical billing services do you provide?

We provide comprehensive and flexible  and consulting for emergency and urgent care physician practice groups that  improve  cash flow, revenue and efficiency through streamlined processes. We provide electronic processing, healthcare Clearinghouse and medical billing software integration that automate billing operations.

Who do you provide medical billing services for?

Emergency hospital groups, medical billing for freestanding ERs and Urgent Care groups can all benefit from our services.

What is the upfront investment?

There are no start up costs or out-of-pocket expenses.

What are advantages of using your services?

Our medical billing specialist services allow you to take advantage of innovative EMR strategies that increase physician revenue, cash flow and efficiency while reducing costs and stress.

What are the terms of service?

Each client enters into a contractual relationship which is initially 2 year term with successive annual renewal.

How do you get paid?

Generally our compensation is based on a percentage of collections.  We can also charge a per encounter fee if the client desires.

Are your medical billing services guaranteed?

There are no guarantees in our industry for collection amount.  We do, however, guarantee not to have any hidden costs to our clients.  Our quoted billing fee is guaranteed during the initial term of each contract.

How do you handle medical coding?

We have three options available for medical coding. One, we employ professional coders and can provide these physician billing services as part of our contract.  Two, we work with national coding companies if the client desires. Three, the client can code their own records.

How do you handle services not directly provided by you?

Through our medical billing specialist services, we personally handle medical billing consulting for physician groups. We have relationships with coding companies, practice management companies and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) providers. We work with these “preferred vendors” seamlessly for our clients.



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