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Medical billing solutions without upfront fees! Your Increased Revenue and Cash Flow are Our Incentive to Perform…

Can You Afford Our Physician Billing Services? Most Definitely You Can!

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Medical Billing Consultant Services with No Hidden Fees and with Little or No Out-of-Pocket Costs

Typically we charge a percentage of collections, which gives us an incentive to work all accounts until resolution. We can also offer you a per-chart fee. We work with your group or practice to customize medical billing solutions with a fee structure that meets your needs.

There are NO upfront costs, provided we have an EMR method of obtaining your information electronically. There may be a minimal investment for a scanner or other device that allows us to access your data.  Your first payment would occur at the time of our initial collection on your behalf.

Medical Billing Solutions that Maximize Profit and Cash Flow

We offer you Innovative Medical Billing Solutions and Easy Patient Payment Methods designed to maximize your collections, revenue and efficiency. Our state-of-the-art methods include such office automation choices as electronic processing, healthcare Clearinghouse and medical billing software integration. We streamline the medical billing process to allow you to get back to the practice of medicine.



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