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ELECTRONIC PROCESSING “Paperless” electronic medical billing – a highly secure, efficient, money and storage saving strategy

Few things in today’s medical environment are more overwhelming than dealing with the never-ending paperwork. Nowhere is this truer than in the billing industry. The handling and storage of paper is one of the biggest expenses incurred by most medical billing services. At 360, we have spent many, many hours and resources developing “paperless” electronic medical billing systems. In turn, we have eliminated much of the costs associated with this function, which results in a lower cost to our clients.

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“Their paperless system is truly cutting edge. Having daily knowledge and unrestricted access to our EMR collections and financial data is immeasurable.” –Emergency Department Group President



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There are three ways that 360 Medical Billing Solutions use electronic processing to help our clients become more efficient and profitable:

  1. First, we retrieve patient demographic information electronically from your hospital’s registration system.

    We have already developed this interface with HMA, HCA, CHS and other independent hospital systems. The benefits to obtaining patient demographic information electronically are immeasurable. It ensures the patient billing information for each patient mirrors that of the hospitals. It also guarantees we can capture data for every patient who registers in your department to make sure we are accounting for all patient records.

  2. Second, we submit your claims electronically to Medicare, Medicaid, Blue Cross/Blue Shield and any other third party capable of receiving electronic claims.

    Not only does electronic medical billing ensure a more timely payment, it also eliminates much of the postage costs incurred by other billing companies. Again, this all adds up to savings for our clients.

  3. Third, we establish electronic funds transfers with capable third parties to ensure payments are deposited directly into your bank account.

    Our system will also post your Medicare, Medicaid (where available), and Blue Cross/Blue Shield (where available) payments electronically to patient accounts. This eliminates clerical posting errors.

We pride ourselves on staying on the cutting edge of all available technology to ensure your account with us is handled as efficiently as possible. Through electronic medical billing and other medical billing automation strategies, we eliminate as much unnecessary operational costs as possible, without sacrificing the quality of services our client’s deserve and receive from us.

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