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Streamlined Emergency Physician Billing for Maximum Cash Flow, Efficiency & Profits

If you’re a hospital emergency physician group, you may be feeling stressed and overwhelmed with emergency physician billing and practice management issues. Emergency medicine physician groups are a specialty with unique needs when it comes to practice operations, billing, coding, staffing, efficiency and cash flow. This is where a medical billing specialist can make a huge difference for emergency physician billing.

Since 2000 with headquarters in Oklahoma City, 360 Medical Billing Solutions has provided innovative medical billing specialist services for emergency and urgent care groups throughout the U.S. that increase cash flow and revenues, save money, and greatly improve and streamline physician practice management.

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Our billing office automation strategies greatly enhance rapid and maximum collections by accounting for all medical records generated by EMR and providing detailed management reports that assist in practice management. Maintaining a consistent “flow” of all processes is essential for efficient and effective operations for maximizing emergency medicine revenues.



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  • Our Customized Emergency Physician Billing Solutions can Help you to Achieve a Consistent “Flow” in Operations

We help with managed care contract negotiation, medical record management and detailed management reports. We integrate streamlined processes, electronic processing, healthcare clearinghouse and medical billing software – solutions designed to facilitate the “flow” and reduce stressful aspects of emergency practice management. And we provide the lowest cost physician billing services with no hidden fees.

Let us show you how we can use our emergency physician billing and consulting services to create a unique and custom product for your Emergency Practice. Contact us for a full list of urgent care medical billing services we can tailor for your company.

  • Separating 360 From Other Medical Billing Companies

Unlike the majority of medical billing companies driven by collecting the “easy” dollars; we work diligently to also collect the “hard” dollars. This allows us to achieve maximum reimbursement for you. Our up-to-date knowledge of changing government regulations, provider enrollment and payer trends combined with industry leading appeals processes and a robust aged accounts department, seamlessly work together to maximize your cash flow, efficiency and revenue. But we don’t stop there. When you become a client of 360 Medical Billing Solutions, an expert “Client Representative” is assigned to handle the flow of your accounts. You have unlimited access to your medical billing specialist who will personally assist you with all of your patient billing and practice management needs.

“Their paperless system is truly cutting edge. Having daily knowledge and unrestricted access to our EMR collections and financial data is immeasurable.” –Emergency Department Group President

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Let us show you how we can increase your cash flow and revenues, save you money and greatly improve your emergency physician billing and office automation operations – all without hidden fees and with little or no out-of-pocket costs.

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