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Why Choose 360 Medical Billing Solutions

Since 2000, 360 Medical Billing Solutions has provided medical billing specialist and consulting services to Emergency Physician groupsUrgent Care Providers, Freestanding Emergency Departments, and Radiology Practices for improving their revenue and cash flow.

Besides reducing stress and billing costs, our comprehensive physician practice management education, medical billing consulting and automation technology streamlines the billing process for greater efficiency, a reduction in staffing needs and overall ease in operations. We keep our clients informed about changes in billing practice issues that ensure their compliance for maximum and faster reimbursement from all sources.

The 360 Medical Billing Solution Advantage

Earning Client Trust and Loyalty

Continual communication, support and education that maximizes cash flow, efficiency and revenues.

Technology to Streamline Medical Billing

Office automation of the entire billing process from chart retrieval, to chart processing, to payment posting and reporting.

Flexible Comprehensive Medical Billing Services

enhance performanceOptions to enhance
performance through contract negotiation, practice management reports, and provider enrollment.

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Maximize Your Profits and Reduce Stress With Our Medical Billing Solutions

Let us show you how our streamlined automated medical billing services can meet your needs for cash flow, efficiency, and revenues – all with Little or No Out-of-Pocket Costs!

Technologically Advanced Medical Billing Specialists in These Areas:


Our medical billing for emergency physician groups meet special needs of emergency physician groups for practice operations, billing, coding, efficiency and cash flow.


We enhance rapid and maximum collections by verifying eligibility and providing detailed management reports.


A pioneer for medical billing free standing ERs, we applied automation to streamline overall office operations for maximum revenues and greatly reduced stress.


Our unique and custom products that serve medical billing for free standing ERs greatly enhance overall operations. Our programs with little or no out of pocket costs, greatly improve cash flow and revenues.


Our strategies for Urgent Care physician groups greatly enhance collections through improvements to practice operations, billing, efficiency and cash flow.


We assist in negotiating favorable contracts, account for all medical records generated and provide detailed reports that assist in practice management.

Request a Free Consultation

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Let us show you how we can increase your cash flow and revenues, save you money and greatly improve your office operations – all with little or no upfront costs.

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